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Oct 12, 2010

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CALEB!!! YOU ARE 12!?! Did you read the talk I told you to read?? DO IT! Before you birthday. GO!

Alex--Are you alive? What are you doing with your life? 'Member how you said you'd dearelder me??? It's not too late because...

Remember how last week I said TWO MORE WEEKS!?

Guess what! TWO MORE WEEKS! Yes, it's true. Our mission presidents are going to be in England so they are having us stay an extra week. MAMA MIA. We were all a little miffed at first, but we know that there are good things we can do here and that there is still SO much for us to learn. And I really do love it here. It continues to be magical and the new Italians have added a new life. I started keeping track of how often the Anziani hug each other and well...It's a lot. I made a joke about it last night and no joke people came to our classroom for the SOLE purpose of hugging each other. Even the Brazilians are beginning to catch the fever. But it's good and love is good and Fratello Tate (who we affectionately call Fra-tay Ta-tay) is excited that he will actually get a chance to teach us. He's great. I can just tell.

Yesterday in the TRC was a cool experience because usually we try and cram an entire lesson (the whole restoration or the entire plan of salvation) into 35 minutes and guess what...That doesn't work. Of course. So...Yesterday we were teaching members who were recently baptized and were having some issues with tithing. So we talked about Faith. And I look up and low-and-behold on the wall is a picture of Peter and Jesus out on the water. So I turn to our members and ask (one of them was Sor. Swensen's marito! He was adorable and the other was a Milano) if they know the story and Anz. Knutson goes, "Well, this is there house" and I was like, "oh...right" So we talk about how Peter DID have faith, he wanted to walk out to Jesus and he did but all it took was a moment of fear and doubt and he fell. That's all it takes is the smallest bit of fear and faith is gone. BUT what did Jesus do? He reached down and pulled him up when Peter called out to Him. It's such a simple story but SO powerful. If we feel fear all we have to do is call upon Jesus in prayer and he will lift us up again so that we can have perfect faith. And with perfect faith we can do ANYTHING...even walk on water. :)

Guess what else?? ROME TEMPLE GROUNDBREAKING ON THE 23RD!! THREE DAYS BEFORE WE GET THERE!! YA!!! AFTER TWO YEARS IT IS FINALLY HAPPENING! K, family, I don't think you should come get me---I think we should come back when the temple is done. Deal??

Um, funny stuff has happened, but I can't really think of anything.

We all continue to butcher the language and say confusing things. The other day we decided to walk around and talk to people about experiences they've had with the Book of Mormon and a girl working at the post office sang Helamen 5:12 for us. Hilarious.

I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! ALL OF YOU. I really do pray for you all the time...Since I can't write you every day...You know, I just talk to our Heavenly Father about you. Hope you don't mind...Totally talking about you behind your back.


Sorella Laws!!

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