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Sep 28, 2010

Shalom - Week 6

So they actually transferred me and I am now going to be opening the Middle East to Mormon missionaries...First country, ironically enough...Lebanon. I'm so stoked.

K, joke. Are you still breathing mom?

Let's see...It's been quite the week as usual, I've had all kinds of adventures.

I am now the coordinating sister for the Italians. Today is the last day of my reign as the only Sorella in the MTC, though soon I will actually have some other sorelle to reign over so I suppose that is good. I am pretty pumped actually. There are 9 Italian speakers in the MTC right now and 23 coming tomorrow. YAY!! It'll be a party again.

We've been learning the Italian national anthem. I'm pretty sure the Italians do everything right. It's so catchy and the last part goes, "we're ready to die! We're ready to die! YES!" basically. I love ITALIAN!!! It's so beautiful and makes so much sense sometimes. I felt like I was kind of struggling, but I got up on Sunday and bore what might have been a beautiful testimony in Italian and yesterday at the TRC we taught a real Italian from Milano and Fr. Skanchy told me that he said, "Sorella Laws e' brava a Italiano. More than a lot of girls I know" YES!! I really cherished that comment because it's been hard for me a little bit. I just want to be able to speak it all the time with people who understand, which is hard sometimes because the Elders think I hijack the lessons and I probably do at times because I just LOVE speaking it and I love speaking it quickly.

For service we usually clean building 4M which has a floor of sisters a floor of elders and...buh, buh, buhhhh the QUARATINE floor. I'll tell you what...I do not want to be quarantined at the MTC. There were nose and finger prints on the window and a sign that said, "No one but security or medical personal may open this door. Do not open the door to talk to people in the hallway." You are literally cut off from the entire world and people with masks bring you boxes of food. Luckily no one is there right now. Fr. Sk. taught during the swine flu epidem. and said that half his class was quarantined and he taught them via Skype. Ha!!

We got to teach both our teachers as themselves on Saturday. Fr. Sk. had to give a talk on Sunday and he mentioned all of us. We are SO inspiring sometimes. Really. It was an intense experience. Have I mentioned I love teaching? Every problem someone has can be related to a principle of the gospel. Mostly the Atonement. My Elders probably think I'm insane because I started crying last night as I talked about the powerful gift of agency that we have. We get to choose between good and evil! Without the Fall of Adam and Eve we wouldn't have that!! And the fact that our Heavenly Father loves us so much that he's willing to watch some of his children make a bad decision that hurts them and Him and maybe other people around them if it means that they have the opportunity to learn and grow and just having that choice is SO important. And that our Savior Jesus Christ died for us so that the mistakes we make will be remembered NO MORE. They're completely gone when we repent and we can start fresh every time we need to. YES! I love it all.

Mum, your cookies were a HUGE hit all the elders and Fr. Sk. LOVED them. And so do I of course. Grazie Mille for the love!!

Oh, I am surprised I have yet to mention that sisters can now wear whatever-the-heck they want as long as our knees are covered. I feel ridiculous for being like, "No, I don't think I can wear polka dots" because guess what? I can wear anything. But its okay, I'd rather look more professional than less.

Oh, our room is very exciting at night because Sis. Micheal jumps out of bed and yells things. Once she thought I was hurt, "IS SORELLA OKAY" and once she thought she was stuck in a box. Meanwhile I have full on conversations with myself in Italian and sing hymns in my sleep. We have a reputation now and some sisters said they want to sleep in our room for one night to experience the fun. I guess I can't even go 8 hours without entertaining someone.

Oh and I should mention that we had a competition shooting wadded up paper into the trash can and I totally WON. Take that, Anziani. (I promise this activity was not goofing off and was sponsored by our teacher).

Okay, all the love in the world to you from me in the Provo MTC.

Sorella Laws

(FYI – Sorella Laws will be leaving for Italy on Oct 20th so use the MTC address for letters until a few days before that. After Oct 20th use the Rome, Italy address.)

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