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Sep 11, 2010

Random notes from Sorella Laws

I love Candy Smith and wish I had time to write her back this week. Happy 1st week of school to everyone else.

I have a feeling that these 18 months are going to be some of the mot important monents in my life. I am starting to realize the bigness of all this. The gospel is true and everyone needs it.

Every once in a while when I'm, say my prayers I say, "and help me not die" not because I think I'm going to or anything, but because sometimes I think I might die from the food or from crossing my legs all the time. Okay the food's not all bad. But all I eat are salads and dessert when it's chocolate (not often).

I'm making friends! I got really good at making friends in the bathroom last night. TWO! One of them has a great-grandfather Laws and I told her to bust out her pedigree chart but I think she thought I was joking (I wasn't).

Mom, Dad, everyone, sending me on a mission was the best choice ever (I know it was mostly my choice but-) I've learned SO MUCH. About studying , loving, teaching, speaking, being flexible, ironing, working, listening, etc., etc. Just in three weeks. Elder Holland said, "This work is God's greatest gift to a 19-year-old or 21-year-old". And he's right. This is it. I have no regrets. And I somehow manage to look cute everyday and I feel like I'm deceiving everyone because this is not how I normally dress. Although you should see one outfit I put together. The Anziani told me I looked like a Primary lesson. (I will be sure to post that picture when it comes)

Turns out exercise is the best when you're trapped inside all day.

Now that the other Sorella is gone I'm sort of a vagabond, I'll let you know how that goes as I float from companionship to companionship. I belong to no one! (but the Lord)

I miss you all, but it's a good kind of miss, not a distracting kind.

Love to hear from you.

Sorella Laws

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