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Aug 7, 2010

i am the luckiest.

sometimes i think about how lucky i am to even know you.
maybe we don't have as much time together as we'd like.
to even be able to watch/make one movie with you.
to have spent one school year/one semester/one summer/one minute with you.
to spend just one afternoon on the beach.
to share one milkshake. one pot of curry. or several slices of pizza.
to wrap my arms around you and have it reciprocated.
to stay up too late watching a movie/talking/getting lost.
to perform at elementary school talent shows.
13/8/4 hour roadtrips together.
dancing in the streets/living rooms/cars.
to have you stop by, just because
and to sit and talk or stand and talk or lay and talk.
to nuzzle your shoulder (whether you liked it or not, because i'm not really sure if you did)
to receive one compliment, one significant glance, one conversation, one mutual understanding from you.
all the time in the world isn't enough and at the same time the smallest moment is enough.

aren't we really fantastically lucky to have nearly endless small and significant moments in our lives?
all we had to do is take half a second to look back and think about all the great times we've had and can have with people instead of dwelling on the one or two things that piss us off now and again.

and while it might be sad to spend some time missing
i feel so spoiled to even have the opportunity to miss anyone.

i am SO lucky.
i don't know what other word to use, because i definitely don't deserve the massive amounts of affection i receive on a regular basis.

and the world is beautiful just look around
and the world is beautiful just look at all your friends
-harry and the potters

1 comment:

redneckzilla said...

Don't worry. I'm totally in love with you too.