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Jul 7, 2010


Remember how my life is perfect?
(except that all the goodbye-saying is making me an emotional wreck and i still have to clean my apt and do a dozen things before i go)

Right now I am laying in the middle of a huge comfortable bed under a down comforter. Mr. Knightley the cat is snuggled next to me. And I'm on a Macbook.

I am blessed to be adopted into the Rhondeau family. They live in Salt Lake on a street named after an Ivy League school. I don't visit them as much as I should since E left but they always welcome me with open arms and a glass of water. The house itself is fantastic colorfully but tastefully decorated, but more important than that it's full of love and laughter. Homemade art covers the walls and there is always something delicious being made. It's a home where good movies are watched on projectors and the Bachelor is watched secretly on laptops. The backyard is beautiful and home to chickens and bunnies.

Mamma Rhondeau is full of hugs and laughter and last night she made me a bagel that was half cream cheese and half butter...On one half of the bagel. Because I asked (well, it was sort of what I asked for). Papa Rhondeau is full of wizdom and intellect and I could talk to him for hours and hours. Daniel loves to pretend (rather poorly) that he hates me. Naomi is one of the most beautiful (inside and out) highschoolers I know. And Olivia and I just really get each other, you know? As if there home and family wasn't inviting enough, they recently added a puppy to the mix.

I've got to get up, because O and N host an art camp at their house and they're letting me attend free of charge. Can't pass up that kind of magic.

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