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Jul 21, 2010


I would post some raving review about how you should go see Inception. But as far as I can tell, no one needs convincing and most of you have already seen it.

I, sadly, did not realize I was missing Christopher Nolan in my life until this summer when I was luckily converted (seriously, though, why did no one force me to watch Batman Begins or the Prestige, does no one care about my future or my happiness on this earth??) My biggest pet peeve with today's media, particularly television, is when it doesn't have good writing. There is nothing that makes me happier than an intricately crafted story with lovable characters and snappy dialogue. I think a movie/show/book is better if you can't possibly understand it all the first time. And Inception is definitely one of those. Not to mention it has good wholesome themes.

A good story is enough, by any means, but then he makes his little films look gorgeous too and not just in a "let's put this in because it's gorgeous" sort of way. Getting good-looking people and dressing them well helps too.

And the ending? Pretty sure I yelled, "Aw, come on!" but I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

Also, Christopher Nolan and I have one very important thing in common. We love Michael Caine. I've been listening to the Muppet Christmas Carol soundtrack...

But what really happened is that Chris went in and planted this idea in all of our heads that he is the greatest filmmaker ever. Dream within a dream style. Inception's not even a real movie. Because if we think it's a movie we'll never believe it actually happened. And it's more powerful because it's a positive thought.

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