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Jul 17, 2010

dear world, i love you.

oh, blog. i have so many stories to tell you of my recent past. however, i will leave you with just one for now.

i was recently at WINCO, my favorite of the grocery stores. i needed shampoo. i felt rather high maintenance going for shampoo at 10 o'clock at night, but i like to smell like my usual self and not whatever shampoo happens to be around like i have been lately. then--confession time--i purposely got in the longest of the three lines because i wanted to read the seventeen magazine. but this turned out to be amazing foresight because the man checking people out (is there another way to say that?) was well...

first of all, his nametag said "Fritz M" which provoked two thoughts. one, Fritz is a brilliant thing to name a child and two, are there really enough Fritz-es employed at the Salem, Oregon WINCO that we need to distinguish with the last name initial? i hope so. add to that a bushy grey mustache under his nose. i was sort of in love. and that was before i noticed the music note suspenders poking out from either side of his apron.

he scanned my shampoo, gave me my change, and called me "dear"

i love people more than i can even begin to describe.
also recently had some good times people watching in portland.

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