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Jun 29, 2010

our time is running out.

so i had to let go of my project.
but i think it'll be worth it.
because the next week+ is going to involve:

packing/cleaning (boo!)
4thofJuly the Mangums are wonderful parade?
modest mouse free concert!
u2 laser light show!
hopefully helping 2 people fall in love.
music videos?
speaking in church?
something that involves immersing my body in a body of natural water.
Casablanca party
(feel free to chime in if you wish to be a part of any of these, the goal is to maximize hang-out time with everyone)

I love, love, love when strangers feel bold enough to join into conversations.

at DI
me: the prices on these books make no sense
lady: i know!!

at Thai Mango
alex: going off about the drink of the gods
guy at table next to us: i think you're thinking of mate'.

by the way, i like food:
Pho Noodle House (or something to that effect) in Orem = yum + holy delicious vietnamese food that i devoured in the time it took us to drive back to Provo. reminded me of the glory days when i worked at Dew and got to eat amazing vietnamese sandwiches
btw, where Dew was is now home to the amazing Slab Pizza, follow them on Twitter and you may win a free pizza!

red curry from Thai Mango (by Cafe Rio) = yummmmm (and it's enough to share with someone else and it had thai basil, yum yum yum and Alex is a stupid vegetarian so he even let us get it with tofu!!)

i really, really want cocoa bean to succeed.
because i like cupcakes. i know everyone does these days, but i really do.
and even more than cupcakes i enjoy really good coffee-like-without-the-coffee drinks.
like the white chocolate and dark chocolate frappe i had today to console myself about the woes of the world.
they use high concentrations of cocoa beans (the equivalent of espresso) and it's so delish.
and they have all different kinds of fruit iced lemonade right now. um, yum.
and with their drink card you only have to buy five to get one free.
i am a sucker for good drinks.
and that's the end of my plug for cocoa bean.
but, seriously, will someone make sure they don't go out of business while i'm gone.
oh, and did i mention they'll deliver to the mtc? so you can send me cupcakes if you want, no worries.

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