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Jun 29, 2010

its like rain(bows) on your wedding day

once upon a time i went to a wedding at it was amazing.
i wish i had pictures, but i was busy shooting on 8mm film the whole time.

not only because they fed us three delicious meals over the course of two days.
or because we stayed in a house with an elaborate home theatre.
or because it got me out of provo for three days.

but because the trip started with an eight hour drive with one of my new favorite married couples.
and eating at the classiest, most friendly Chik-fil-a i've ever been to.
seriously, everyone made conversation with us.

then we show up at an extravagant house (with toilets that would do just about anything for you)
and there were delicious fajitas for eating and embarrassing pictures and stories about the couple.
went to the house we were staying at and watched the first part of a knights tale with dogs that snored louder than trains.

the next morning we rose and went to the denver, co temple.

and i cried. i looked over and their moms weren't even crying and there i was trying not to rub my mascara all over my face as a few ginormous tears escaped my eyes.
there was simply an overwhelmingly fantastic feeling as i watched two of my very dear friends commit to be each others forever.

after some pictures and what-not outside the temple. we headed to the Crapo home for a ring ceremony.
where we all had parasols to keep out the sun and Jake's dad said some inspiring and important things.
like how when you get married you don't question if you've made the right choice, you be your best self so that you can make sure your spouse made the right choice.
and then J and K told each other that they loved each other etc.
and I had my eye pressed up against the super 8 camera and again tears are pouring out my eyes.
and then we took frolicking in the field pictures me, whit, rachel, and the lovely bride.
and ate again.

then intermission included hanging out at the castle house, taking pictures, playing rock band, shuffleboard, a bedroom with a living room in it and a bathroom that was bigger than the bedroom. etc.

the reception was phenomenal.
whit and i got all glammed up for the country club.
i even wore make-up (it does happen sometimes, mom)
their were hors de vours and mocktails and the hall was excellently decorated.
and then there was a double rainbow outside. again with the magic.
and we ate again. sushi and potatoes and other deliciousness.
toasts were made.
(some more exuberant than others)
J+K danced their first dance to Ben Fold's the Luckiest (probably the perfect wedding song)
which his little sister sang.
then we danced our feet off to a live band (and they were pretty rocking)
literally an hour or two of nonstop dancing.
then we held sparklers as they came out, katie's mom was like, "you forgot to throw the bouquet"
at which point i handed my sparkler to some guy standing next to me and gave the camera to justin and stood in front of the crowd of girls.
then the bouquet was thrown and i lept forward and caught it. easy.
and then i threw both my hands up in victory just as the photographer snapped a photo.
(basically it was like winning the kentucky derby)
later a relative came up and asked me if i was a sprinter. "No. But I had my eye on the prize."
and jake's mom: "do you have someone in mind?"
"actually, going on a mission. I just can't pass up a competition."

there were lots of hugs and good talks about love and good food and good friends and two wonderful families coming together.

and magic and love and etc.

denver is beautiful. loved the blue sky. loved the rain. loved the green.


Annah said...

I swear the people at Chik-Fil-A are robots. They're always super nice and attentive. And don't even get me started on those nuggets! DELICIOUS!

Kelsie Lynn said...

oh my gosh, I love this post.

I had like three points I wanted to say but I forgot them now.