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Jun 17, 2010

I didn't know if you wanted to
But I came to pick you up
You didn't even hesitate
And now you and me are on our way
I think I've bought everything we need
Don't look back, don't think of the
Other places you should've been
It's a good thing that you came along with me

-Kings of Convenience

it is hard to do things spontaneously these days, because everyone is so busy
but sometimes we have magical times in the party van
with slab pizza and slurpees and sour grizzly bears
and babetta on the guitar aka the greatest thing ever.
and riding on couches in the back of the van instead of with seatbelts
(sorry, mum, i neglected everything you ever taught me)
even if it ended with (when i say ended i mean it happened throughout the whole time)
everyone yelling at each other like a real family.
and we had to rescue jennie's phone from inside the couch.
and everyone mostly just needed sleep or to be doing responsible things.
but responsibility is no fun during the summer months.


Kelsie Lynn said...


am really sad.

I miss your love

redneckzilla said...

I got home last night and as I was falling asleep I thought to myself, "Did that just happen?"

Jennie said...

it's 100% a shame that night wasn't better documented. oh, the party van, the party van.

our family all loved each other. just... in an arguing/singing/complaining kind of way.