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May 10, 2010


things that make me happy now/recently:
.the ocean and being in it.
.making films/webseries/things that involve a camera and people on all sides of it.
.singing to madonna & moulin rogue songs whilst roadtripping.
.roadtripping in general
.eating good food
.having roommates
.not having roommates
.furry lovesacks
.evann's amazing cooking
.listening to djb play the piano
.getting distracted by things that are better than sleep.
.good discussion, on the beach and otherwise.
.free food/milkshakes
.people in my ward who all decided to be friendly today.
.back scratches
.spending time with delightful people.
.stealing internet from the neighbors.
.seeing Sharlie and pulling a U-turn so i could see her.
.talking to Dean about the Schmegee's or whatever that hilarious short was called.
"are you watching it in this class?" "i think we should watch it in as many classes as possible."
.maybe/probably? getting a job.

things that have made me cross lately:
.the roommate that did not clean at all.
.not being as musically inclined as i wish.
.pouring a bowl of cereal and discovering i have no milk.
.the last two episodes of Glee. I mean, c'mon!
.smelling like burnt hair because they freaking shaved a mole off of my arm and then lit it on fire (okay, not exactly)
.tetanus shot that has rendered my other arm useless.

if i was overly impulsive i would:
.go adopt this dog right now.
.try and hitchhike somewhere.
.not sleep until i crashed completely.
.sing my feelings to everyone.
."do what i want to do with who i wanted."
[mostly i just wanted to quote scarjo in Iron Man 2]

1 comment:

Kelsie Lynn said...

What wasn't cleaned? I could be very very angry right now. I made my cleaning duty stuff so freakin pretty.