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May 11, 2010

it'd be a lie if i said i wasn't listening to the glee version of like a prayer on repeat. i have a problem. a serious problem.

i also had the most crazy series of dreams last night. in one of them i was a cheerleader in glee. in another i was filming something in a crazy forest, like Lost (which, sadly, I don't even watch--but I have seen the behind the scenes). and many other bizarre dreams that i cannot remember. it was like short film festival. and i didn't wake up until noon...oops. only half my fault because no one left until 3 last night (jk, love you all).

in other news, i feel like i've never been hired for a job in the normal way.

it has always been about timing and walking up at the right time or being recommended or both.


caffe gelato: the day i came in for the interview ended up being my first day of working.
camp greider: i walked up and Candy vouched for me and they hired me.
rooster: i showed up the day they were doing interviews, talked about how much i loved asain food/oregon, got hired.
BMW commercial: Jamison calls me the night before and asks if I want to 1st AD and I go, um sure.
first look: brad called me and offered me the job via JP's recommendation
and now TAing for Dean: Candice told me there wasn't a TA and i walked up and told him i should do it. and he said, "that seems like a good idea" (but in a much more Dean-like way)

and now i am. which means i have a job for about a month. yay! and already have a million emails pouring in, oh boy!

also, this is not to say that getting a job has always been easy, because all these instances have been after fifty applications to places that wouldn't even call me back.

and lest we forget the crazy copy center that hired me and then forgot and hired someone else...and then pretended like they had never talked to me.

back to 114 (the class I am now TAing for) we watched Alfred Hitchcock's Rebecca on Monday. And it is, like most Hitchcock, an interesting story with interesting themes.

I think a lot of times we get into new relationships and we worry so much about what the "ex" was like. And many times we feel the need to be exactly like them/resent them/love them/stalk them on facebook etc. etc. From the song The Quiz: do you still keep pictures of old girlfriends, are they prettier than me? The funny thing is, there shouldn't be that feeling of threat because they, for whatever reason are not with that person anymore and are with you now (granted in the movie, the ex-wife was dead, so that was an awkward circumstance). It is a horrible waste of energy, but I think most of us have done it at one point or another. Is there value in knowing who your new beau was cuddling in the past and about their relationships, or does it do more harm than good?

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