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May 1, 2010

p.s. happy birthday jennie.

i thought to myself, "got to stop blogging about tom now that i know he reads this---crap, i wrote about him in the laaaaast post."

(those extended a's are a result of hanging out with courtney/will and the character voices that happen nearly non-stop 'round these parts, i catch on to those kinds of things quickly).

here's the thing...i absolutely LOVE my life.
because i have the most wonderful people. family, friends, people i just met this weekend who are AMAZING to work with. (are we sick of caps yet?)
what else do i love? film...and it pleases me because i get to do it for fun/work/school and am basically the luckiest thing in the world.

i cannot explain how much i love being on sets where i am useful. today i spent most of my time (when i wasn't so wonderfully acting my heart out) running around helping the most lovely of DPs. and i was like, "oh, don't worry about it, i actually know what the words coming out of your mouth are referring too and i can find/fix them for you." and it only took a matter of hours for us to become and awesome team...there were high-fives and warm smiles...and all kinds of heart-warming things...jokes [him: that half of a c-47 was perfect. me: i know, i like to call it a c-23 and a half...ha!]

speaking of high-fives, was totally high-fived by JON HEDER today. yeah, what? which means nothing to at least one person who reads this blog and grew up in the same house as him and about three other people who were there and lived the same exact thing. but i am going to brag to the 20% of you who think this is cool. Yeah, we talked about all the important things in life like Enchanted Forest and...well, mostly Enchanted Forest because that conversation took a while. and i made a HILARIOUS joke that was like, "hey...this is a film set...don't know if you've ever been on one...har. har. him: oh, i just want to know when you started calling this a film. yuk yuk {he didn't actually make any noise even resembling a "yuk" but the rest is true, i swearz!] might have had the bts photographer take a picture of me making a "i'm standing in front of jon heder" face whilst we were filming. but it was for jokes, i swearz*.

me: I'm holding Jon's iPhone!!!!
t.morr: let's prank call Will Ferrel!

[oh, fiddlesticks. i should just rename this blog Chronicles of Tommy M. as Told by Lauren: blah, blah Tom says funny and/or interesting things.]

oh, did i mention i'm in LA enjoying the most beeeeeaaaaautiful weather? mmmyes, it's perfect.
and that at one point i was standing between Tom Morrill and Jon Heder ON A FILM(/weberies) SET?? bestdayofmylyfe!!! and Courtney, my little panda bear, was there. AND, like, a real fake lobster. And, like, cool people with beards too.

and we spent a lovely morning filming in a quaint little 50s cafe...Oh, guess what it was called...Cafe 50s. where we smeared ice cream all over a little boys face and he was sad about it, because he is not a normal kid.

"they said 60 seconds...which means ten minutes" -child actor
"with basketball and film sets...that's how it works" -actor's mum

then we shot some things where i got to stroke and italian man's face...can't say that didn't bring me some sort of joy.

and we also filmed stuff at a POOL PARTY and i was like, "i could put on my swimsuit...but they won't need me to be an extra..." oh wait, i'm needed in a shot right now, guess i'm the one who missed the pool memo and thought we were all going to play Scrabble.

made fast friends through pantomimed conversation. i just LOVE the life of an extra.

*as a child whenever i said, "i swear..." mum would be like, "we don't swear" i feel like adding a "z" nullifies all bad feelings.

but seriously, did i mention i'm in LA and, well, having the time of my life?

got a text from my dad:
-where are you?
-i'm in los angeles having soooo much fun
-be good.

text to mum: i love la i'm never leaving.
mum: that's why so many people live there.

so, uh, there you have it...my freakin' amazing life.
bet you all are sad you aren't me.

i get to sleep on a couch cushion.

someone not let me drink dr. pep at 11-12 whenever it was i downed that thing tonight 'cause now can't sleep even though exhaustion is running through my veins. (because what caffeine does is cut off the communication from the part of your brain that tells you that you're tired) not fooling me brain...i know i'm tired. so...good night.

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