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Apr 23, 2010

life is a myyyyysterrrrrrry.

madonna is the current obsession.
it started with jeff constantly playing the songs in class and talking about how madonna has inspired his life.
then the last glee episode about how madonna is the perfect example of a powerful woman.

so naturally when we picked up lady di at midnight at the airport i lept onto a bench and belted like a prayer at her from across the street.

glee is exactly what i imagine being addicted to drugs is like. i know it's not good for me, but i can't give it up.

i sort of hate this transition period at the end of the semester where a lot of fabulous people are leaving me.
but i am also excited about the new/returning people that are popping up.

1 comment:

Matt Heder said...

I'm happy about this considering I can't let too many people know about my obsession to belt out the Like a Prayer song whenever I hear it. I guess it's not kosher that heterosexual men can feel the madonna song once in a while!!