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Mar 26, 2010


i find myself in the kitchen at 1am trying to saw a dowel in half...with a hand saw and a tiny cutting board.
and when roommate walks in she says, "i don't even ask anymore." and then offers to help me, even though personally i wouldn't have come within 50 yards of lauren laws with a handsaw.

sometimes at 1:30 am i hot glue my finger to the carpet and feel rather stupid.

sometimes i forget that i am wearing a bright orange hat with llamas on it and have meetings with heads of programs and wink at strangers in the library.
okay, i didn't really wink at him, just thought about it.

sometimes i sit in the basement of the hfac in a magical sort of room by myself and get paid to watch short docs that make me emotional while people sing Casey at the Bat right outside the door.

sometimes i spend all night swearing i'll never make a film (and nearly swearing in general) only to fall in love with film all over again the next day.

sometimes babetta says brilliant things that i wish i could remember.

1 comment:

babetta said...

i heart you forever.