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Mar 2, 2010

plan of attack

1. learn to use 7D (w/devin)
2. get at least three other people to learn to use 7D (jen, babz, etc)
3. practice exercise #1 - hallway thing (march)
4. make roadtrip/wedding video on my canon (march 17th-22nd).
5. rock prod design on djb's musical (mar-april)
6. come up with production company name (Lawless Productions? Renegade Pictures? Werewolf Films?)
7. edit tyler/heather wedding vid for their anniversary.
8. write script #2 (w/steven) try and make it not a feature.
9. obtain money for script #1 (craft service donations mostly)
10. revise script #1 (several times), cast it
11. shoot/direct one-shot? music video (april? may?)
12. direct/produce script #2 - advanced practice project (april? may?)
13. direct/produce script #1 - advanced practice project (june 7-12th)
14. go on a mission

desired results:
1. learn to direct/produce/write/dp (in that order)
2. collaborate
3. tell stories


Alyssa said...

Sounds amazing.

Jennie said...

15. dominate life, per usual

you got this, behbeh girl