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Mar 21, 2010

maybe you had to be there...

mum: call everyone
dad and i: EVERYONE!!

mum: that's a beer!! round on me!
[we were playing the game Bang, where a beer=a life, so she was pretty excited. she told me i had to add this disclaimer. everyone: my mom is not into drinking alcohol.]

mum: i just don't get tattoos...there is nothing i want forever [looks at dad] well, except for you.

alex sends a text in the middle of a nerf gun fight
emmett: there's no texting in war!!! [kicks him in the knee]

hannah: i mean, who wears yellow and grey!?!?
i just look at her, because she's wearing a yellow and grey sweater
hannah: besides me.

me: i just want to have my reception in an orchard, then people can pick their own refreshments
mum: but fruits not in season all at the same time
me: well, they'd get two options
mum: or you could have three different receptions, in each season
dad: don't give her any ideas
caleb: yeah, because i'm not going to all three.

the day after the reception, when we were talking about the food they had.
alex: oh, the wedding colors [red and purple]!! i just thought it was awesome that they had grape flavored gummi bears.

walking into church
alex: it'll be nice going to a real ward and not talking about marriage
an hour later
me: look what he's writing on the board, it says marriage. there's no escape.
five minutes later.
teacher: we have two people here looking to get married. [gesturing at me and alex]
i shook my head.
teacher: did you wait seven years for her? [paralleling the isaac and rebecca story, still talk about me and alex]

dad [to alex]: don't leave the church because of this
mum [to me]: tell alex we're sorry

caleb: it's my power, the first card i draw i can take it off the discard pile
next turn
caleb: that's my power, the first card i draw i can take it off the discard pile.
me: how many times do you think he's going to explain that to us?

random man at muchas gracias: when i was young, our girlfriends made us take them to five star restaurants.
wife: there weren't five star restaurants back then--more like 12c hamburgers.

mum&dad kissing in the kitchen
dad mumbles something about the dog
mum: it's fine, she's blind.


Alyssa said...

These sound like the typical conversations that go on in my house. Hooray for family!

redneckzilla said...

Best trip of my life!

Jennie said...

oh em gee so much laughing

to be honest.... wish i had been there