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Mar 13, 2010

march 12, 2010

i might have just had the most productive day ever. i saw loads of people and did loads of things.

7:49 - wake up
8:07 - arrive at 8 o'clock meeting, listen to a pitch and feel like a real producer for a moment, play with the cutest baby in the world, probably.
9:07 - talk to jp
9:30 - haircut w/abby. left looking stylish. slammed middle finger in car door, yell a lot, contemplate if i brushed my teeth or not, magical package in the mail, pick up alena
11:00 - bridesfriends dress shopping. didn't find what i was looking for, found a cool sweater thing.
"this is cute!" as we pull out the same dress at the same time.
12:30 - in n out lunch. yum
1:05 - drop alena off, pick djb up, drop djb off
around 2 - rockclimbing with anna, my first time, rock it sort of, muscles literally give up after a while, going to feel that one in the morning.
4 - go to bank to deposit checks. lock keys in the car. walk home. shower.
5:30 - go back to bank with jen and alex, AAA man breaks into my car. buy cookies for party and Sunny D for kels. Sunny D has taken over Smiths. also buy milk, cheese, and cottage cheese. drive home.
6:00 - work. talk to mum. rig up shirt-stretching device. take a short nap
7:45- think about going to the wrap party
8:45 - make it to wrap party with kels and bree. saw the cricketless loves of my life. talked movies with phil. made cell phones eat each other for the amusement of others. listen to good music while facing the wrong way.
10:40 - drop kels off. go back to party. drop erin off after some detours.
around 12am - car conversation
1:07 - go to in n out drive thru for milkshakes w/ roommates. pull up next to a car with morgan in it, yell back and forth while driving in an epic way. drink milkshakes. talk about how we're going to do things, but everyone gradually fades out. waffle fries don't get made.
2:33 - listen to pandora, already feeling sore, and finger in moderate pain.

this is what happens when i'm not filming on a friday. things actually happen/get done!

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