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Feb 12, 2010

love is universal

We all have something to say about love, let's be honest.

I know this because since I started posting about it there have been many more comments.

Love is universal
and also universally not understood.

Speaking of love, I got two letters from my bffs on missions today. Can't wait for them to return to me.

I'm totally a professional filmmaker after yesterday.

And I love that I have relationships with my professors where I can talk to them about almost anything. Or text them about using a bedsheet as a greenscreen.

"I think since everyone is abrreviating things these days we should start extending them, you know like 'oh, that's brillsvilles city, USA.'"


redneckzilla said...

Love is having nobody in your passenger seat.
Love is not having to share any of your meals with anyone.
Love is wearing the same clothes for a few days.
Just for fun.
Love is taking care of yourself and no one else.

In a sense, love is dirty and unrealistic.

The end.

redneckzilla said...

Love is rap music and guns and nice cars and not caring about anyone or anything but money and books and nice shoes.

That's what love is.

Amaduli said...

redneckzilla is my kinda people