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Feb 2, 2010

Love is ingrained in our very beings

It's harder than you think...Being a girl.
Because despite new surges of feminism in our society and artists like Sara Bareilles and Kelly Clarkson who embrace the power of a single woman...we are still taught over and over, via movies mostly...that we need to fall in love.
Not to mention, all of our friends are doing it.

Every fairytale/disney movie growing up=happily ever after.
I'm pretty sure every disney movie has a song (or three) about love in it.
I cannot think of a single popular movie without a love story intertwined in it.

Then we get to middle school and they make us read/perform Romeo and Juliet. I'm not sure Shakespeare had any idea what he started.
In highschool we have to walk through the halls ducking couples that are making out with each other.
Then in college everyone starts getting married.

The Taylor Swifts and Jack Johnsons of the world make us believe in happy endings.

Perfume ads always feature some sexy man with his arms around a girl.
Girls in clothing ads not only get a guy, but a very nicely dressed one.

Some of us are lucky enough to grow up in homes with parents who are mad in love.

Love is everywhere. People love love.

In short, we cannot blame people for being in love or wanting to be in love.
It's simply inevitable.
I'm saying this for myself, one of love's greatest cynics
but also biggest fan.

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Anonymous said...

You update way too often. Every time I check my google reader you have 7 new posts. I like reading, but could you consolidate?