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Jan 19, 2010


College is such an interesting time of life. Nothing is consistent. I feel like every semester I have to readjust and shuffle the cards. People come and go.

Everything is so transient.

I'm pretty sure if I packed up and left for a few months few people would be concerned. I'm not saying I don't have friends who care about me, but it's just the nature of relationships at this stage in our life. I cannot allow myself to get attached to people who will inevitably gone in the next few years or even months.

This is coming off cynical. I love people and love them almost instantly upon meeting them. But I am also learning how to let people come and go. One night you may be staying up all night chatting and cuddling (platonically) and the next day (for whatever reason) you're just facebook acquaintances.

At the same time it's highly exciting. There is nothing tying me down right now. I could make a million different decisions as to what to do with my life or even just my day.

I'm in between. I've left home and struck out on my own and have not yet found anyone to "settle down with." So there is no settling to be had. I do what I want.


Nibby said...

If I could only let you know just how much I empathize/am you, then any of your bummer-type-realizations would not be such bummers, as you realized that it is a shared experience. At least, after reading this, I felt less bummerish.


redneckzilla said...

I think Ray Jean said it best when he said:



Austin said...

Man, I feel like this all the time...and the weird thing is that I'm so ok with it. I think it would be exciting if I was forced to just up and go. And it's true, there are very few people you make life-long connections to in college, I could ditch nearly all my friends (not the close ones) and all of us would find our way along to new people.

yeah, I finally just realized you commented on my blog a ways back, so now I can officially comment on yours.