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Nov 29, 2009

happiness for your lips

So I might be mildly obsessed with chapstick. There are 15 lining my bulletin board in my room at home. But mostly I just loose them to my great frustration.

Sometimes I get lucky and they show up again. This is what I discovered in my pockets while doing laundry earlier this week...


All different brands, and all very good lip balms.

And now I will do a review, so I feel like a real blogger...

LipSmacker's Raspberry Melon.
Remember when everyone had loads and loads of LipSmacker's? It brings back the good old days and tastes yummy. Not the best at keeping lips moisturized though, but it's worth it every once in a while for the memories and for the joy it brings. Also, raspberry melon? Props for creativity on the flavors.

Burt's Bees with Passion Fruit
I'll be honest. I like the Pomegranate loads better. In fact, Pomegranate Burt's Bees may be the perfect lip balm. But this is new so I thought I'd give it a go. And it works well, like all Burt's Bees does and it is very Passionfruity, so if you're into that kind of thing...

Blistex's Spa Effects: Renewing Cucumber Melon
Love it. Smells good. Feels good. It came with two other in the pack that were almost as good, but I've lost them. Bought it years ago so I don't know if they still exist. It really makes your lips feel good, though I admit the smell reminds me a lot of lotion/soap and I sometimes feel like it should be on my body and now on my mouth.

Chapstick's 100% Naturals: Lip Butter
Yum. It's made with like, 7? different kinds of butter. And doesn't that just sound nice for your lips? For whatever reason the word butter appeals to me in mosturizing products. It has avocado butter, shea butter, etc. etc. And it's all natural, baby! Sort of just smells like different kinds of butter, but it gets the job done, and gets it done well.

Another that I bought yesterday that I highly recommend is

C.O. Bigelow's Ultra Mentha Lip Shine
"The Ultimate Mint-Infused Balm"
(found at Bath and Body Works)

Made with real peppermint oil, it makes your lips tingle all mintily and wonderfully and apparently makes your breath smell nice too.
And even though it's glossy, which I normally avoid, it still moisturizes and makes your lips all smoothy smooth.
It's minty bliss for your lips.

Using these products will increase your kissability by 273%*

Besides the last one I got these at Fred Meyer's, Walmart, Big Lots, etc.

*made up statistic, has not been proven or tested. kissability is not actually a real word.

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