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Nov 23, 2009


i love airports.
i love that everything costs five times more than it does in the real world.
i love seeing the differences in people's carry-on luggage.
i love seeing families struggle to hold on to their children and balance luggage at the same time.
i love seeing couples swoon over each other as they walk with their arms around each other.

i love that i just saw a father and his young daughter run towards each other and she jumped into his arms, while a flight attendent held onto her pink rolling suitcase and pink coat.

i love seeing confident business men stride through the airport like they do this every week.
i love seeing girls in sweatpants and furry boots or girls in dress pants and high heels.
(honestly, who wears high heels on a plane?)
i love seeing guys with beards.

people on laptops
people reading books
people talking excitedly about the adventures they're about to embark on
old people with accents
people with tiny, tiny dogs

after seeing people on campus today and seeing people in this airport I've decided I need a good pair of baggy sweatpants. so i can be all sloppy-sexy.

i hate how living in Provo makes me excited to see a Starbucks.

i think when you get to the airport they should be like, "hey! we've got an extra seat on this plane...anyone want to go to LA?"

1 comment:

Kelsie Lynn said...

Airports are the best.International part rules over all

Im sitting here in our empty room. by my lonesome at 1am. When we usually debrief. Missin you already my missus!