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Oct 21, 2009

Reasons I Miss Oregon

1. candy smith, megan knowles, hilary browning
2. mom, dad, siblings
3. laika, even though she's dying
4. the smell of moisture in the air
5. trees absolutely everywhere
6. my hoodies...how did i manage to leave all good hoodies (camp greider, lifeguard, snow college) at home? what was i thinking? that i wanted to be trendy and forget comfort? i am soooo over trendy. i want warmth.
7. Roth's apple cider donuts!!!
8. donut places besides krispy kreme
9. coffee shops with good apple cider
10. nice drivers


Alyssa said...

I am so over trendy as well. I just want to be warm and comfortable. I miss you. We need to hang out...like soon gurrrlllll. I love you.

Candy Smith said...

I miss you too.
when do you come home for christmas?