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Oct 25, 2009

good moments

"are you talking about love?" -jennie
"no." -jordan and i (simultaneously)

"i love the pills!" -jennie

"i could be a DP and a PD, put that together and it's a palindrome" -me

"is it okay if when lauren says 'why do my windows keep fogging up' i say, 'it sounded like lauren said "why do my windows keep f-ing up?" -djb

"i have witnesses. everyone notice that lauren pinky swore she would come back and eat a something substaintial" -lyvia

"guys, i'm not wearing a shirt."

"..stop embracing your culture and be an individual." -djb (in a british accent)

"when you find the right guy, you'll want to devote all that snuggle power to him, and it'll be heave for him!" -jordan aug
"it's like a superpower."

"it's several hours closer to tomorrow than it was!" -jennie

"drat muffins." -melanie

"can i shift for you?" -djb
[i drive an automatic]

"is there blood on my stomach?" -girl jordan

"i like that all of us have been sick or are getting sick, and yet, it's 3am and we're all like, 'lalala'" -steph

"easy, easy..." -me
"i am thanks." -jennie

and i'm too tired to remember all the other hilarious things said when everyone was drunk off sleep deprevation.

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