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Oct 19, 2009

dear world,

there is no such thing as a perfect love story.
sometimes we think we need the passion of the Notebook, the quirkiness of *insert various Indie movie titles here*, the drama of the Holiday, the mystery of You've Got Mail etc. etc.
none of this is true.
first of all, anyone can have an Indie Romance because all it is usually are people being goofy in a totally human way.
i can have just as much fun at ikea as Zooey D, and i can certainly be as hilarious as Juno (without getting pregnant even!)

the facts are these:
you can love someone and it can be completely average.
but if there's love, it will never feel average.

movies exaggerate things for a reason.
it's great to be fantastical and wonderful and dramatic and passionate.
and oftentimes life is every bit as glorious as the movies.
and like i said, Indie Romance is sooo easy to accomplish.

but we need to make our own things.
it doesn't matter how great any one else's engagement story is.
it doesn't matter what jim and pam do.

what matters is that we make awesome memories with people we love.
and stop comparing our lives to other people's

so when i say there's no perfect love story
what i mean is every story of love is perfect in it's own right.

the end.

that being said,
i have become a serious love cynic lately

1 comment:

Jennie said...


I read this post out loud to my roommates as we commiserated love yesterday.
just thought you should know.