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Sep 22, 2009

My Life is a Tragedy

.I got a boot on my car when I was parked in my own parking spot. fine: $50.
.My bed collapsed in the middle of the night...
.When I fixed it it collapsed again
.I got transferred to a business that is now dying. Whereas where I was working before is doing quite well for itself.
.I will never be happy with how much footage I'm getting with my doc(s)
.My dog is dying...slowly
.My best friend is half-way across the world, killing cockroaches.
.Almost everyone else I know is leaving for missions as well.
.I probably have the swine flu or mono or something similar
.My iPod is trapped in the building of the business which is dying.
.All but one pair of jeans I like have holes in them
.All my clothes are wrinkly
.I have more clothes than I have room for
.There are bug bites all over the top of my feet because I wore flats out in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night
.I don't know how to use a GL2
.Or Final Cut
both of which are important to my current choice of study
.and I can't write very well anymore

But, mostly, I can see the humor in all these things.
And I've got great friends, so at least I'm not Job.

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