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Jul 28, 2009


Here are a list of my favourite recipes

Avocado Nachoes

Put tortilla chips on a pan/sheet that can go in the oven.
Cut thin slices of avocado and place them on the chips.
Cover everything with grated cheese (of your choice, but let's be honest cheddar cheese is the true cheese of nachoes)

Lentils and Rice

Cook a can of lentils (we recommend Campbell's)
Cook rice.
Add curry powder to lentils.
Combine rice and lentils with a dab of plain yogurt.
Mix and enjoy

Ice Cream Creations

Put vanilla ice cream in a bowl.
Add frozen strawberries and chocolate sauce.

Go to Coldstone.
Ask for Ghiradelli dark chocolate ice cream mixed with cake batter ice cream
Then ask them to mix in a brownie and caramel sauce
Say thank you and pay

Cookies and cream frozen yogurt mixed with lime frozen yogurt.
Weird, but delicious.


Put a bunch of people with one or two things in common in the same bowl
Add jokes and laughter
Mix in working towards a common goal
Add a dash of insightfulness
Cook for 5 minutes-50 years


J said...

You + Blog = Awesome

That's my contribution to your list of recipes.

L. Laws said...

J+L+frozen yogurt = should probably happen again

Danya A. said...

Bahaha that last recipe is absolutely adorable, and oh so brilliant.
50-years - a life time.